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Default Re: Thor's box office competition - Part 2

Originally Posted by Parker Wayne View Post
Originally Posted by Vartha View Post
Yeah I'm still waiting on more GL Fan reviews. The critic's typically hate everything
They didn't hate Thor. They liked it.
They also liked X-Men: First Class, The Dark Knight, Iron Man and other comic films. They don't always hate everything (comic films qualifer is needed I think). If you want to see GL, see it. I know what I like or will try to like regardless of Critics opinions. Sometimes we agree, more often we don't. However so far this summer with the comic films we've been in synch.

THOR is now into the $176m range and with a DVD release of Sept. 27 is going to get, it seems, a similar run to Iron Man!! Signaling hit and sequel imo. Kevin Friege should confirm that late Fall I think.

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