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Default Re: Move over Ironman,Thor is now the best marvel comicbook movie.

Originally Posted by kedrell View Post
A number of people actually. I happen to count myself among them. There is no universe however where I think Thor is better. I don't even think Thor is better than Iron Man 2(which isn't as good as IM1). Thor was a solid, good movie. Nothing more or less. And considering the premise, that's quite a feat. GL had an equally ridiculous premise and see what a cluster***k that turned out to be.
yeah a huge number of people found Ironman when it came out to easily be the best MARVEL comicbook movie ever made which was true at the time,no contest,till Thor now of course. Thor Blows all the other marvel comicbook films out of the water easily.theres no comparison.But thats okay you like Ironman better,its a great marvel comicbook movie also.

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