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Originally Posted by kedrell View Post
I'd rather the Hulkbuster naturally show up in Avengers 2 than get forced into Avengers 1 only because the fans really, really, really, really want to see it. That's the reason we got Venom in SM3 and War Machine in IM2(both of which should have been held off for later movies and their films would have been all the better for it). Impatience is a killer.
I agree.

I loved both IM movies but they could have been put together better.

IM would have been better if they had stuck with Wong Chu and put Stark in North/South Korea and used either Crimson Dynamo or Titanium Man as the adversary.

IM 2 should have covered the alcohol issue and used the Mandarin(Maybe transferred to the Modular Armor in the final battle).

IM 3 would have been great if it used Modok and AIM as the adversaries and included the Undersea Armor, Space Armor, and ended with Stark donning the War Machine Armor for an all out assault on AIM Island(If everyone remembers, WM was used by Stark before he gave it to Rhodes).

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