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Default Re: When should the DVD come out?

Originally Posted by Vartha View Post
heh They're the same, but not, in the comics. lol They share experiences and knowledge.
Actually in the recent Ultmate Thor mini, they show BALDER as being Dr Blake. lol In the Ulty world the gods fall to earth after a war and powerless.
I prefer the early Lee/Kirby stuff of all the mainstream Thor runs regarding the split so I'm very much in the 'he's the same guy' camp. I like the idea that Donald is an aspect of Thor Odin wanted him to take notice of. That Thor is a humble and intelligent person but he hasn't realised that potential. I'm cool with the ghost thing JMS had going on if Donald is Thor conscience and Thor is Donald's instinct. Saying they are 'different people' ,or that Don is a 'reproduction of Keith Kincaid' just confuses things that don't have to be confused not to mention it makes any relationship either has very weird.


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