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Default Re: Avengers Score : Singular, Or Multiple Composer?

Originally Posted by Fifthchild View Post

I can see there is a fair bit of antipathy towards Zimmer and his crew (not uncommonly amongst score afficiandos) but im a fan and i think the Joker's theme from TDK was perfect. It may be "one note" but the sound design was awesome and totally suited such an anarchic depiction of the character. I would love to see him given the gig.
No. For those reasons you listed above, Zimmer would be an awful choice. I'm really tired of these superhero scores nowadays (X-Men:FC, GL) that just have a couple of chords strung together and dubbed a "theme." For a big event team-up film, it needs a lot more than what Zimmer provided. I'm in the same age bracket you guys are in, but I was raised loving all these wonderful, harmonic scores. Superhero films benefit from these.

The only RC/MV composer I would be comfortable with doing The Avengers is John Powell. And he's done superhero territory two times, and I liked what he did. But Zimmer, nuh-uh. The man can write entertaining music (the POTC films being several), but he's not great at superheroes.

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