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Default Re: TDK's Joker: The best film villain of all time?

Originally Posted by RedSkull View Post
The Joker is far and away better than all of those listed. On a mental and visual level. He's a truly dynamic character. Darth Vader and Hannibal Lecter are the only others that come close. To put Chucky and Le Chiffre and Gozer on the same list is insane.

Alfred Molina's Doc Ock is more iconic than the likes of Gozer and LeChiffre. If you're going to list Bond villains then list the likes of Blofeld, Goldfinger, Oddjob and Jaws.

and many more. Heath may be one of them, but he's definitely not the best or most iconic unless you only watch Nolan films
What kind of silly logic is this? You wouldn't know about half of the villains on your list, especially the likes of Gozer or LeChirffe, unless you've seen the movies they're in. Heath's Joker is already being parodied in other stuff.

The Office, for example:

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