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Default Re: OFFICIAL: Rate & Review Iron Man 2 continued...

Finally got around to watching this and my main takeaway: Ick.

I had heard that it was worse than the first, but I wasn't expecting it to be this bad. I mean, it was borderline Wolverine bad.

It was like at every point where the movie could have been really cool, they consciously chose to go goofy instead of serious. Tony's going to get out of control with his drinking? Have him scratching records and blowing up watermelons in the suit. Tony and Rhodey are gonna fight? Have a corny 90's rap song playing in the background (although I did like the "war machine" line). Fury tracks Tony down and Natasha reveals herself? Have it take place in a donut shop.

The final fight scene was a definite improvement from the climax of IM1, I'll give them that. Watching Tony and Rhodey fighting back to back was pretty cool. But it was hard to suspend my disbelief when Tony was flying around with Hammer's drones on his back, and he kept flying within feet of all those civilians. And you could tell Favreau got a little CGI drunk and just couldn't help blowing up endless cars and buildings.

I'll take it as a necessary step towards The Avengers, but I have my doubts about whether Marvel can take that movie seriously after seeing this debacle.

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