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Default Re: TDK's Joker: The best film villain of all time?

I'd definitely rate him somewhere in the top 5.

I watched a little of TDK yesterday again for the first time in about 6 months, and I could just watch Ledger's scenes over and over. He has so many layers going on when he plays Joker; the constantly moving eyes; the fidgeting, the maniacal laugh, the way he's licking his gums and playing with his mouth; the random actions; it's not even acting, he literally became the Joker. He totally comes across 110% convincingly as someone who is completely unhinged ...... chaos on legs.

The way he can change from psychotic to downright scary in an instant is great too - particularly notable when the TV station is airing the 'home video' made by Joker when he captures the Batman wannabe. He's laughing and doing the creepy thing, and suddenly his voice drops to this creature-like tone and he roars at his victim "LOOK AT ME!". I got a new surround system and my gf watched the film for the first time through it shortly after I got it, she jumped at that part lol.

Truly a fantastic performance.

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