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Default Re: Will this film have a unique visual style?

Originally Posted by psylockolussus View Post
Well I just hope it doesn't look cheap, XOW looked cheap.
as suprising as it sounds, some people actually liked wolverine.

i wonder if the story behind why wolverine sucked will come out one-day?

orgins had so much potential. if only bryan singer had some kind of involvement and had they given gavin hood room to make a good film, it would have done very well.

i'm curious about whether this is alternate continuity or does it happen around the time of First Class. Does it happen in the 80's, 70's, 60's.

Somebody here suggested that it could occur after x3. that would be cool. this way there would be room for x men 4. but i say this.

The Wolverine should take place in a more realistic real world environment, where only wolverine exists. no mention of mutants or anything.

he should be a strange guy with claws and healing abliity but he has no memory and he goes on an adventure. and as the story progresses

First Class and the 4 x men films already have TOO MANY time line errors.

x men first class fits with x1 but it contradicts the plot of x2. Beast Built cerebro. if xavier and raven/mystique had a close friendship why doesn't he connect with her thougout the film.

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