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Default Re: Thor's box office competition - Part 2

^ Agreed. I expect Cap will do roughly Thor's numbers, which would set up Avengers perfectly. Spinning out of that film there will be a lot of momentum for Cap and Thor sequels.

Regardless, Cap succeeding (and even putting up better numbers than Thor) will not hurt Thor's chances for a sequel at this point. Even considered as a standalone movie, Thor's numbers more than justify a sequel by themselves, and his role in the Avengers simply reinforces that.

Thor was always the biggest risk and potential pitfall leading up to Avengers. It was the property that could easily be botched on the creative side and/or fail to connect with an audience. Marvel studios has to be ecstatic. Cap should, at the very least, be a modest success, so a very big gamble is about to pay off in a big way.

When the Avengers Assemble, we may experience the greatest moment in the history of geekdom. Seriously, my inner 13 year-old couldn't be more excited at this point. The first trailer may blow up the internet.

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