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Originally Posted by DarthDaveBanner View Post
If only Basil Poledouris were still around
but we have someone who is as good as Basil Castus from the band Corvus Corax.
have you heard them ? dude they are amazing.

do we have a reason why Gene didnt let God of Thunder be included in the Soundtrack when it was clearly used in the posters ?

Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:

ღ ☆ Yu thήќ thəsə Chəαp Thəαtrcs frģhtəή ṃə? Yu thήќ 'ṃ αfrαɗ f pαή r ɗəαth?
ήthήģ frģhtəήs ə.

A Ṃ .

☆ F Я ☆

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