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Default Re: Avengers Score : Singular, Or Multiple Composer?

Originally Posted by Fifthchild View Post
I think i agree with most that the scores for Marvel movies have thusfar been somewhat lackluster. I like big themes and memorable melodies as much as the next guy. I did like what Armstrong did for TIH however, very Bourne like in places, and he did try hard to work in some thematic material for the Hulk even if it wasnt something you might whistle to yourself. Though ive never really liked/recalled anything Doyle has done before i did like what he did for Thor and he came up with a very nice Thor/Asgard theme IMO. So I guess its really the Iron Man movies that I am dissapointe with. I suspect that might have a lot to do with Favreau's keenness for the rock guitar sound - I would have thought something more electronic would have been a more natural association for a tech based character like Stark.

Anyway it seems a budget conscious studio like Marvel are more likely to go with a cheaper, smaller name composer for an aspect of the film that they probably see as largely interchangable like the score. I hope this changes for The Avengers however (the decision to go with ILM as the main effects house might indicate a more "top shelf" approach) or at least that a lesser known guy can come in and knock it out of the park.

I can see there is a fair bit of antipathy towards Zimmer and his crew (not uncommonly amongst score afficiandos) but im a fan and i think the Joker's theme from TDK was perfect. It may be "one note" but the sound design was awesome and totally suited such an anarchic depiction of the character. I would love to see him given the gig.

Giacchino would also be great. Elfman is fine but i think that would be a somewhat boring choice. I really like Jackman's score for First Class especially from someone id never heard of before. Powell's X3 score was great and in some parts was phenomenal (Dark Phoenix's Tragedy) and I think he would be potentially epic. Im sure we will end up with someone nobody saw coming however
Not as boring as Zimmer.

Originally Posted by Elayis View Post
I just don't want Debney. His Iron Man score was adequate, but Djawadi's was so much better. Another reason why I hated IM2.
I'm not a fan of Debney's music by any means. But to say his score is one of the reasons you hated IM2 b/c Djawadi's score (which is FAR from decent, imo) was better. Is laughable to me. No offense. Debney's score was weak b/c he had to follow the sound and tone that Djawadi used (which you hear in most action movie scores from (and not from)the MV/RC factory ) for IM. Djawadi's score was already weak and generic, imo. So instead of hiring a different composer to write a different score for the sequel. TPTB have him copy the same generic sound that the first film had, which is again in pretty much every popcorn movie blockbuster today. Djawadi's score for IM was probably the weakest thing about the film, imo. So to me that was a good thing he didn't come back for IM2. But why hire Debney if they wanted a Djawadi (or MV/RC type) score ? For that reason TPTB should've just kept Djawadi.

Back to The Avengers . Beltrami would be a good choice as well. I would love to see him get a project of this scale. Probably doubtful though.

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