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Default Re: Danny Elfman Appreciation Thread!

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I'll talk about "Oddities and Ends" and "Curios and Curiouser" later when I finish the "Notes and Notions" and my bonus disc. But I've been really enjoying this music box (no surprise). Can't wait to dig into that book soon.
The "Oddities and Ends" album contains his score to the Tim Burton directed episode "The Jar" of the Alfred Hitchcock Presents show, as well as Amazing Stories: Family Dog, The World of Stainboy, The Museum of Modern Art: The Art Of Tim Burton, Edward Scissorhands Ballet, 9 (synth demos of the themes he composed), and five tracks of his Futterwackens from Alice in Wonderland.

The Jar has 7 tracks one of which is a worktape where you hear Elfman humming the eerie theme and performing it on synthesisers as a demo. Two tracks from The Jar was already released in the Danny Elfman Music For A Darkened Theatre Volume 2 album. Interesting note Elfman wrote that score while he was on tour with his band.

The Family Dog music from Amazing Stories was released before in the DE:MFADTV2 album. He written more music that wasn't released but he says it's lost. He also released the main and end titles to the short-lived Family Dog show which he composed on via synthesisers.

For "The World of Stainboy" he released a suite for his music to the internet series. So there's probably music missing. Eventhough I've never seen the webseries or whatever they call it. MOMA: The Art of Tim Burton is 12 tracks of the music that he wrote for Tim Burton's exhibit. Funny thing is Tim told Danny he wanted two pieces of music. Elfman said he got carried away and would've kept writing if their wasn't a deadline and movies he had to score. The cues are performed on synthesisers. Some of the tracks remind me of his writing for Standard Operating Procedure. "Organ" track (I believe) is very Phillip Glass (one of Elfman's idols, btw). I remember hearing that Elfman wrote music for this exnibit back when it was in NY and I wanted to hear that music so bad (as well as wanting to see Tim's art,). Now I don't have to imagine what he wrote. Great stuff I hope he gets more oppotunities to do things like this.

The Edward Scissorhands Ballet is about 6 cues all perfomed on synthesisers by Danny using his themes from the film. It was nice to hear Elfman return to something that was a landmark score for him and the fim music industry. I would have loved for this to have been used in the actual ballet (although I've never seen the ballet) as well as performed by an orchestra.

9 is just six demo cues of the themes that he wrote for Deborah Lurie to use in the film. Since Elfman was busy on other projects and wasn't availiable for this. It's interesting how faithful Lurie's score was to Elfman's themes. One of the the demos (can't remember which) reminds me of the the first track of The Next Three Days. Which is not slamming Elfman I just found that interesting.

Theres 4 alternate demos of the Futterwacken that he couldn't decide to use in the film. Theres also the film version which completes the album. I like all the Futterwackens and would've liked to hear more that he wrote. He said he wrote enough to fill an album in an interview last year.

The Curios and Curiouser album are song demos of The Nightmare Before Christmas, Charlie and Chocolate Factory, and Tim Burton's Corpse Bride.The first track "Opening" with Elfman as the narrator was taken from "Nightmare Revisited" album as well as the last track "Closing" of TNBC section. From tracks 2 to 12 are demos of the songs which 6 have already been released by Walt Disney Records back in '06' for TNBC 2 disc Special Edition cd that included the six demos ( some stores carried albums with less than 6 demos but the one I got had six demos) and the original songs performed by different musicians. I still enjoyed the demos which shows a lot of Elfman's talents at songwriting. It's interesting on the "Sally's Song" demo nobody's performing the vocals just Elfman performing the music on synthesisers. Track 13 is an unused song for TNBC. "This Time" performed by Elfman with guitars performed by longtime friend, orchestrator, and Boingo guitarist Steve Bartek. This song feels very Boingo-esque and sounds very similar to what they sounded like at that period of the band. Which I liked very much .This was a treat and a highlight of this album. Tracks 14 to 18 were just foreign versions of TNBC songs. Which was done well while perfomed in different languages.

The C&TCF demos were all great of course, but didn't include the Wonka Welcome song demo (if there was one) oh well. It also had an unused bollywood version of the "Veruca Salt" demo, which was very interesting compared to the final product. The TBCB song demos were interesting to hear with Elfman performing all the vocals including the females. but the one cue that stuck out for me ( of course other than "Remains of the Day") was the unused song "Erased". Which uses the Victor Piano Solo as a template for the music with Elfman perfoming the vocals. It would've been nice to hear that in the film. But it would've been funny and cool to hear Depp perform that song at the time. Now not so much b/c we know he can sing thanks to Sweeney Todd.

The Notes and Notions album contains orchetra only versions of songs from TNBC. C&TCF, TBCB, which was great to hear. Eventhough TBCB has an isolated score and you can hear the songs without the vocals I believe. I don't own the dvd. But you can hear things that you couldn't without the vocals present. The last 4 tracks are music box suites. "Medley Suite" has music box versions of some of Elfman's themes from Tim's films including Batman . I think you can guess what's on the "Edward Scissorhands Suite", "TBTNBC Suite" and " Pee Wee's Big Adventure Suite". Which were all enjoyable.

I enjoyed every album. I can't wait to revisit it whenever I have the time. I'm a big Elfman fan and thought it was worth the 500+ dollars. This box was a real treat in my eyes and am very proud to have it.

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