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Default Batman III: The Untold Story That Takes Place After Returns

While I'm providing the artwork for Batman By Night, I will be doing a separate e-graphic novel [on my own]. Forget everything you know about Batman Forever, this is the real story that takes place after Batman Returns. The faces of the actors will be drawn on the characters that they're supposed to be playing. Pieces of the story are picked up from rumored ideas from Batman Returns and it's possible sequel. Characters and events will be modified to fit in this approach of the Batman story, otherwise known as the "Burtonverse". So far the following characters are confirmed for the story:

Batman/Bruce Wayne (Michael Keaton)
A lonely billionaire that spends his nights fighting crime as the dark knight, Batman.

The Riddler/Edward Nygma (Robin Williams)
On a quest to solve the biggest riddle of all, the true identity of Batman. There is no mess or price that is too big for this man.

Black Mask/Roman Sionis(Johnny Depp)
This dark and twisted character, that is responsible for killing his parents, is running his father's business. He is obsessed with Batman because he feels that he's the biggest threat to his business. At times he is seen wearing a mask with pieces of his father's skull attached to it.

Robin/Richard Grayson (Marlon Wayans)
This African teenager, a former member of a street gang, was brought under Bruce Wayne's wing after being found unconscious in a dark alley. Richard was responsible for fixing the Batmobile in the past when he discovered an apparent problem.

Other characters: Alfred (Michael Gough), Commissioner Gordon (Pat Hingle) and a love interest (undetermined).

Vehicles to be used: Batmobile, Batskiboat and a spanking new add-on to the Batmissile that will resemble a tank (something closer to TDK Returns tank).

The Suits.

Batman - Just like the Returns outfit, it's an updated suit while maintaining the key elements of the suit.

Riddler - There is a rumor that Tim Burton pitched the idea of having the Riddler bald with a question mark on the back of his head. I decided to use it for this story. There is a scar on the right side of his head. Instead of wearing a piece of cloth, he sprays black face paint over his eyes.

Black Mask - He is wearing a ski mask with pieces of his father's skull attached to it.

Robin - It's actually quite simple. It looks black in the dark but you can see shades of green under the light. Bruce Wayne loaned Richard one of his armor suits, which he painted it a dark green color. He wears the same gloves (minus the spikes), same boots and same utility belt. However he wears a red sleeveless polo-like shirt over the suit. It was used when he performed with his parents and brothers at the circus. The R that's attached to it used to stand for Richard.

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