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Default Re: Please no more prequels!

Originally Posted by Cherry View Post
I'm not sure where you're getting your information. Singer actually said First Class was a prequel in the same continuity but with slight liberties taken for the sake of story.

Also, Vaughn said he wanted to introduce one new character but would not say who.

The Wolverine is a standalone but not a reboot. After this film, it's anyone's guess what will happen next.
Ditto with Cherry, haven't heard (or really been looking), but I've only heard the prequel with liberties thing too....if I'm wrong someone please correct me (w/links please )... far as a sequel to FC, I wouldn't mind getting one or not getting one...same with an X4...there's still much that could/can be done with both timelines, but again it won't kill me if we don't get anything, FC did its job IMO

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