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Default Re: Confused about Megatron's plan

Originally Posted by Krimasen View Post
(Critical spoiler follows): I'm confused as to what Megatron's plan was exactly. He says in this movie that he was heading to Earth to meet with a defecting Sentinel Prime who had the tech to resurrect Cybertron. However, it was established in the first movie and official tie-in stuff that Megatron went to Earth in search of the Cube. If he already knew about the tech Sentinel Prime was bringing, why did he need the cube? And I'm similarly confused about how The Fallen fits into Megatron's schemes with Sentinel Prime.
Okay, without a timeline...

He needed the Cube to find the Matrix.

He needed the Matrix to work the sun-killer device AND then revive Sentinel.

And he needed Sentinel to work the portal devices.

Goal was crazy amount of energy and the ability to transport his planet in order to revive it.

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