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Originally Posted by Spider-Fan View Post
The Hulk buster armor would not be like added Venom in SM3. Venom was an entire character with the added element of the suit bonding with Peter first. The Hulk buster armor is just a piece of technology. That could easily be put into Avengers.
That's why I mentioned War Machine as well. WM isn't a new character, just a piece of technology. And I'm not even saying that the Hulk buster shouldn't be in this movie. I'm saying that it shouldn't be there simply due to Marvel impatiently giving in to simple fan service.

IMO nothing should be included for that reason, if it can be avoided. It should be there to support the over-all film mythos(which includes making it come about when the time is right).

I also don't want someone like Winter Soldier showing up in Captain America 2 for the same reason. Does that mean that I never wanted to see Venom, War Machine, the Hulk buster armor or Winter Soldier? Of course not. I do want to see them all but I want them put in where it works the best and makes the most sense.

As I said before, impatience is a killer. Marvel is making this mythos to last(one would hope) and blowing your wad like a prepubescent teen visiting his first adult bookstore just because you can is not what I'd like to see.

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