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Default Re: Transformers 3 merchandise

Originally Posted by Benstamania View Post
I've decided that outside of the new bots... I won't be buying "new version" of the ones I already have. I still think RotF Leader Prime is the best Prime outside of the 25th Anniversary Prime I have. Bumblebee (from RotF), Ironhide and Ratchet (from TF1) also seem good enough to keep on my shelf without the "upgrade."

yep! i'm the same way...only exception i'll make is if the toy/character sports a new look in this (i.e. Megatron)...only ROTF figures i got so far are :

Deluxe: Laserbeak,Crankcase,Roadbuster,Topspin,and Skids..
Voyager: Shockwave, Skyhammer, Megatron
Leader: Sentinel Prime

...saved WAY more money this time than i did last time....i perfectly fine with Ironhide,Ratchet,and Barricade from TF1, and Bumblebee,Starscream,Jolt,Sideswipe,and Optimus from TF2....

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