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Default Re: Confused about Megatron's plan

Originally Posted by Marvin View Post
Yea, it's cool how he ends up playing into the plans of bigger stronger robots every now and again. It's part of his character ark and it's brought to a logical conclusion.

I love the second two comments in this thread. Classic.
If people took half the time to figure things out as they did during (the convoluted) inception...they end up being as guilty of laziness as they accuse the filmmakers themselves.
But it's all fun, especially when people join in and it becomes internet meming to the 3rd degree.
yea we should have seen megatron become galvatron in secret until the finale he arrives and gives the autobots the fight of their life to where the last two standing, not that the others are dead, but optimus and bumble bee and they both go at ot with galvatron and defeat him out of team work...just something better than anything we got where optimus doesnt dish out one order to his soldiers rather than his suggestions. why is he the leader again? cause he's the biggest?

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