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Default Re: Confused about Megatron's plan

Originally Posted by Golgo-13 View Post
So who repaired SS's arm from being ripped off in ROTF?
He put is arm back on himself in the movie.

This is really turning into nitpicking. Nobody whined after TDK asking why Bruce would crash into Reese's car when he could have been not wearing a seatbelt and hit his head on the window and killed him. Or why Batman doesn't use a voice modulator instead of growling to hide his identity since he has all that Wayne tech. Or how Joker dressed as a 1950's nurse got into the hospital without anybody noticing. Or how was Two-Face wearing the same burned suit after he escapes the hospital when they would have cut it off his body because it was burned to his skin. Did those hurt TDK? If you look really hard, I am sure you can hate every movie ever.

"You can leave a penny, you can't take a penny. You can leave a penny anytime. You have to spend $10 to take a penny. Store policy."
"Since when has this been store policy?"
"Uh, since my boss made up the policy. You gonna pay? You're holding up my line of one other person. You can't afford your milk, step aside. What, daddy didn't give you enough milk money? Little baby gonna cry about it? Just step aside."
And that is how Uncle Ben dies.

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