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Default Re: Frank Miller's Project: XERXES

if anyone remembers RICHIE was supposed to do the LOBO movie as well.

i am not happy with this , seeing as how he only made ROCKnROLLA but never did the sequel to it.

the Xerxes i know ( when i saw his LUKE GOSS version *one night with the king*) i immediatly made the connection because i remembered it being THAT xerxes who had the greek campaign , not to get all religious on the subject but IRAN and GOATFACE whatshisname are full of crap , if you use history you can counter with the entire area being part of the persian empire and then it doesnt matter.

personally , as long as its not a crappy director (looking at you SHAMALAN, SCHUMACHER) i think it would be a good movie , as long as they stick to the poetic license and not give a SMURF about Political correctness.

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