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Default Re: OFFICIAL Dark of the Moon REVIEW THREAD - Part 1

Originally Posted by UltimateJustin
Detaching themselves from the standard benchmarks of quality cinema is something internet critics can't do, even for a film like this.
All movies have their bashers and gushers, but the hate seems to be especially misplaced here; the is film actually a polished toy commercial.
Rather than deliver a film standing on its own merits, Bay presented the TF saga as a child would play with his toy collection:
Energetic, quite silly, and building to a rousing conclusion.

The fact is, these films right to exist is questioned, while they execute their purpose perfectly: entertaining > selling tickets > selling toys.
Open minded audiences should accept this concept and take the big action scenes and comedy for what their worth, then move on.

Because mores to come. Theres Rock'em Sock'em Robots this summer, Battleship the next. Films will become broader to appeal to a WW market.
Eventually, haters are going to look back realizing they missed a lot of entertaining fun because they couldn't just enjoy the pretty robots.

Anyone using the term "haters" as a construct of their argument deserves not to be listened to.

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