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Default Re: OFFICIAL Dark of the Moon REVIEW THREAD - Part 1

Originally Posted by AnorexicBatman View Post

WARNING! He's a bit rude. It's a character.

I want people's honest opinion on this. He basically says that GI Joe was better, there are other better action movies and the Transformers are side characters with too much focus on human characters, mostly soldiers you don't even know. He's also looking forward to Captain America

Ironic that a movie called CAPTAIN AMERICA will have more integrity than this.
A world war II period piece with hints of James Bond hi-jinks and no toilet humor.


You know, ignore everything above. No point in talking about it. Good film or bad it doesn't matter anymore. Bay will be Bay. Humanity will always have flaws. etc. etc.
From the preview I can tell Captain America has more integrity than this film. Michael Bay has made these films to the lowest common denomenator.

I somewhat liked the first film, but having Jon Voight in that film gave it some integrity, and is presence has been greatly missed in the last two.

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