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Default Re: OFFICIAL Dark of the Moon REVIEW THREAD - Part 1

Originally Posted by Sith Scotti View Post
I am tired of being called the lowest common denomentator because I like Michael Bay films . It is obnoxious and arrogance at its worst
I liked this movie but I will admit to myself and everyone in here that it had a lot of problems and that it isn't on par with some of the other summer fare so far. Someone said it best in the movies forum that Transformers is Twilight for guys. I agree with that. It has a lot of faults but from my perspective it is a good summer blockbuster film like many women think Twilight is whatever they want to label it as.

I only get irked when the complaints about this movie are utterly idiotic. Why couldn't Optimus get out of teh wires!? Why can't Bumblebee talk!? Why didn't someone fix Megatron's face!? The smallest, most minuscule, idiotic things that nobody gives a **** about otherwise. People will tear this apart piece by piece because they didn't like it where as most people will forgive the faults in movies like The Dark Knight because they liked it. It's just how it works.

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