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Default Re: OFFICIAL Dark of the Moon REVIEW THREAD - Part 1

Originally Posted by hunteri View Post
LOL i had the same thinking about the Decpticons on the Moon (there where soooo many and the ships) would have been almost better if part of Cyberton came through and the Decpticons where there waiting to come to Earth .......and the Wires thing just wasted time.

These where the things i thought could have made the movie better (SPOILER)_

1. Einstein's robot should have looked more robot like and less human face (felt weird).
2. Sam should have run out to save Bubblebee when they were about to shot him...he felt like a coward just looking.......bubblebee has risked his life so many time. They could have done a epic....bubblebee gets shot (create tension) and Sam runs out and then the cavalry comes in to save the day.
3. Starscream should not have died instead he should have told Megatron that he looks weak and the Primes are winning (instead of the supermodel tell him....funny this dialogue feels like it would have worked perfectly with Megan Fox's character because of her history with the Decepticons)
4. we could have had a epic fight with Megatron, Sentinal and Optimus. Sentinal could have been badly injured. Optimus kills megatron. Sam and Bubblebee destroy the pillar (control for the portal thing). Sentinal runs towards it to save it and get blasted towards Cybertron (poetic justice) as it gets destroyed.
5. Starcream runs away again (classic)
I agree with most of this and I just think there seemed to lack that blockbuster ending that these movies seem to be missing. I did think this was better than the last one, and I did find Shia less annoying than the previous films. I did find it hard to swallow with the change of girlfriends and I kindof felt she detracted, but I guess that happens when co-star leaves the series?
Also, there wasn't any annoying robots like in the last one who kindof took away from the movie, and the two little guys were actually well used in this one.
This one also felt very long and it seemed to drag on and on, they could of knocked off like 20minutes. Overall, it was a worthy effort, just to me the story was kindof weak and end battle was sort of weak,but a good effort.

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