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Default Re: The official X-men First Class BD/DVD thread

Originally Posted by henzINNIT View Post
Ehh. There's a certain point where getting the blackest blacks and the sharpest colours just doesn't interest me anymore. I've got an HD telly, DVD player with an HDMI output and that's fine for me. Most of the stuff I watch wouldn't benefit from HD anyway.

I can co-exist peacefully with Blu Ray except when companies try and force you into it by stripping back the DVDs. That isn't right in my opinion. You should buy BR for the advantages it has to offer, not because it's the only way to get extras you'd expect from a regular DVD. [/endrant]
That's how I feel mostly. The only reason why I even have a Blu Ray player is because I was able to get a Blu Ray player, and all 4 X-Men movies for a combined $120.

Blu Ray picture and sound is obviously better. But I don't think it's better enough to justify $30-$40 a pop for movies, and $200-$400 for a player.

I have the up-converter DVD player and HDMI output as well, and my movies are just fine. I only became interested in getting a Blu Ray player because WalMart had all 4 X-Men movies for $15 a pop, and were selling Blu Ray players as low as $88. I eventually ended up getting a used Blu Ray player from my brother for $60.

I'll buy X-Men: First Class on Blu Ray, even though it will probably cost me close to $40. But outside of that, I doubt I'll buy many Blu Rays. If I can find a really good movie I'd wanna watch over and over again for a reasonable price? Sure. But I'm not done with DVD's by a long shot.

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