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Default Megatron Throughout The Trilogy

Who else agrees that Megatron totally got the shaft in the trilogy? He was so terribly underused in all of them, it seemed. In the original, he only shows up as it nears the third act and even then you don't see a whole lot of him. He has a disappointing and anticlimactic fight with Prime, destroys some buildings, kills Jazz and that's it. ROTF treats him even worse, giving him little else but a slightly extended cameo role and making him second fiddle to The Fallen, even more ridiculously underused (The Fallen had to be the most overhyped and overmarketed yet underused and underdeveloped villain since Darth Maul, for sure). And finally, in DOTM, he gets the least amount of screentime, yet. We hardly see him at all and when he finally battles Prime for the final time, Prime destroys him in mere seconds (one-armed, to boot!).

Megatron's combined screentime over the three movies barely has to clock in around 15-20 minutes, if even that much. That's just pathetic for someone who's the main Transformers foe and the main threat. It's like if Darth Vader got that little screentime in the original three Star Wars movie, or if The Joker was hardly in The Dark Knight. I'm not saying he should be in every single scene, because overexposing and overusing a villain can certainly ruin his impact, but at the same time a villain like that should never be so severely underused, either. A careful balancing act of satisfying screentime with an important role to the overall plot is what has to be achieved, and none of the three movies really achieved that all.

I surprisingly liked DOTM quite a bit, but I felt this was one of the biggest flaws it had, especially considering it's supposed to be the final film of this trilogy. I surely hope a reboot (if it ever happens) remedies this problem with Megatron's underused role (and definitely among other problems throughout the original trilogy).

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