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Default Re: Megatron Throughout The Trilogy

Originally Posted by Darth Megatron View Post
In ROTF Megatron's plans for DOTM our put on hold cuz The Fallen returned from his dimensional prison but I believe in the !st movie Megs wanted the Cube for himself while The Fallen was nowhere to be found, now in the DOTM i believe what Megs did to Sentienal Prime in DOTM was going to happen anyway but Carly basically got him killed cuz he was going to wait til Sent Prime has finished bringing Cybertron cuz remember who is the Cons always leader Megs & Scream probably would've killed him later together but by what Carly did that gave Prime the opportunity to kill megs with a cheap shot when megs is calling for a truce- RIP LoRD Megatron
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