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Default Transformers Movie

Is there anyone that would like an actual Transformers movie, that is just as faithful to the G1 show as Richard Donner's Superman and Sam Raimi's Spider-Man trilogy were to their comics? No offense, but I personally hated Michael Bay's movies. So, the new live action reboot in my world would be directed by McG(Terminator: Salvation)
Emile Hersch as Sam "Spike" Witwicky
and, of course, other humans as well(haven't thought of them yet.

Kirk Alyn - 1948-1950
George Reeves - 1951-1958
David Wilson - 1975
Christopher Reeve - 1978-1987
Dean Cain - 1992-1997
Brandon Routh - 2006
Tom Welling - 2010-2011
Henry Cavill - 2013-???
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