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Default Re: Optimus Prime's characterization (Spoilers)

Originally Posted by MOS View Post
Haven't seen DOTM yet, but Prime(and the other Autobots) were too brutal in the first two movies. I don't remember them having killed even one con in G1(except for Unicron, and when Optimus Prime tries to kill Megatron, but since he failed, it doesn't count). I always saw the Autobots as robotic versions of the Justice League, and Optimus Prime as Superman. Since Superman never kills, I expected Prime not to either.
You don't? My God, between the comics, the TFTM86 and the UK stuff they killed a whole lot of those f***ers. The only reason you never saw them do it in the Cartoon was because it was G-rated. The Decepticons never killed anyone in the 'toon save for the movie. Optimus killed a ton of red shirt Decepticons in War Dawn in season 2 though.

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