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Default Re: OFFICIAL Dark of the Moon REVIEW THREAD - Part 1

If I could change anything, it was Starscream dying at the hands of [mostly] the humans. He's my favorite character and I hate to see him go out like a punk, although I ought to be completely used to that by now, it's only the umpteen millionth time he has. I also wish they'd given a little more time to Shockwave. He was visually stunning, and I mean it's not uncommon to simply use Transformers like video game bosses, but the audience never even were given a glimpse of his character and he's a very unique Decepticon. I won't be too hard on them for that because really there are a plethora of Transformers I could say that about. Some of whom after 28 years STILL haven't had their moment. Trailbreaker, Skids, Thundercracker, Reflector, Counterpunch and Smokescream all come to mind.

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