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Default Re: The official X-men First Class BD/DVD thread

Originally Posted by danoyse View Post
The theatrical versions of LOTR have already been released on blu-ray, and have been out for awhile. The box set that came out this week is the extended versions, which are being released on blu-ray for the first time.

I got the extended edition LOTR box set for my birthday this week.
Oh, are the regular versions on Blu Ray?

I haven't seen them anywhere. Although I haven't particularly been looking for them. But I hadn't seen them. I'll probably end up just picking those up.

That box set looks amazing though, for people who do love the extendeds. What is like, like 15 discs or something for 3 movies? I don't know the exact number but I know it was something redonk like that. That's a freaking collector's set.

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