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Default Re: OFFICIAL Dark of the Moon REVIEW THREAD - Part 1

Originally Posted by Optimus_Prime_ View Post
I don't want something complex though, honestly I feel these movies work best if the story is a little silly.

For the next one I'd take a break from Megatron before rushing to do Galvatron. I'd start by bringing back Dempsey and Duhamel as transition characters.

First I'd have Soundwave come back. Something silly like he downloaded his intelligence into the net then transforms as a microbot from Dyan's computer (because it looked like he might have survived there). Dyan may be like broke now or something. Then Soundwave put out a dispatch to Jhaxius in space. Jhaxius would be like some ancient Decepticon general who left the planet during the great war. He'd come down there with monsterous Decepticons like Trypticon and the Horrocon like characters.

Then I'd have Hot Rod, Ultra Magnus, Kup, Prowl and Nightbeat following them. Maybe when they get to Earth Hot Rod will befriend some new kids. You can have them get involved in NEST. Then I'd ya'know, give them some objective and use the battle to set up Unicron and Galvatron for the next one.
I like a lot of this. Like Soundwave was able to upload himself perfectly but Megatron only partially. Hence when he brings him back, he's more Galvatron-like.

And I'd definitely bring in Hot Rod and Ultra Magnus. But we can't have too many Autobots. Have Dino die, like the first scene. Then have Optimus, and his left/right hand men-- Magnus, Ratchet. Bumbleblee. And Hot Rod and Swideswipe working as a duo often. The Wreckers can be off somewhere doing their own thing until the action gets heavy.

That's a solid core of 6 and then 3 more with the Wreckers.

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