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Default Re: Transformers 3 merchandise

Originally Posted by jonathancrane View Post
I have been a fan of Transformers for a few years now, but have just recently ventured into collecting. I wanted to ask which of the line of figures produced for DOTM is really worth picking up -- I am heading into Walmart tomorrow, before work, and would like to pick one up, but I have no experience in the matter, and want to pick up the best of current line, and then pick up the rest from the other film lines. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance.
Any and all leader class you can find! They haven't cut the corners on these guys like the have the rest.

Don't bother with the Wreckers in deluxe class, as they are getting Human Alliance molds. While they run $30, they are way better.

If you come across any Reveal the Shield figures you like, grab them fast, as they are hard to find. Same goes for Generations figures.

Also, if you have a Marshall's or TJ Maxx, head on over. You can score some sweet deals there.

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