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Default Re: Confused about Megatron's plan

Originally Posted by Liam_H View Post
Don't really agree with this. It just works in the movie because if he can't actually talk it makes it seem like Bumblebee is Sam's pet. In the 2nd movie he tells him to get back into garage just like a dog when he just came out to save him. Bee deserves a little more respect than that. I understand why they haven't given him a voice because it worked in the first movie when he made cute/funny sayings with his radio. I wanted him to be able to talk so we can get more of a character out of him but none of the other autobots besides Optimus have character either so its whatevers.
This is correct. It was cute in the first one because we were just learning about the Transformers. It's now played out. They even have him mute in Transformers Prime. Come to think of it, Bumblebee using the radio to hook Sam and Mikaela up would have still worked even if he could talk.

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