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Default Re: OFFICIAL Dark of the Moon REVIEW THREAD - Part 1

Didn't enjoy the film overall

Changes I would make to fix the movie

Shockwave is leader on cybertron in megatron's absence

Megatron chased the allspark after he sees the ark get hit; thus implying a change in plans............ to link it with TF1 story

Use the pillars to bring decepeticons from cybertron and not from the moon or bringing cyberton itself; decepticons would take over earth and make it their new cybertron

wtf was suppose to happen once cyberton comes through? It looked like it would collide into earth and destroy it....

Shockwave would come from Cyberton with Decepticon army and fight autobots in an awesome battle with actual fighting and strategies

Optimus takes on both Sentinel Prime and Shockwave and kills them

Megatron then unveils true plans, since he was so damaged/injured he planned on Optimus to defeat Sentinel and Shockwave, Megatron uses the allspark piece that revived him (like how Optimus can take out the matrix) uses it to repair himself using Shockwave's and Sentinel Prime's parts and becomes Super Megatron or Galvatron

Ultimate battle between Megs and Optimus with them mortally wounding each other, Optimus, before death, realizing that Earth will never be safe as long as Autobots or Decepticons are there uses the pillar to transport all Transformers back to Cybertron saying a true farewell to Sam to never lose faith in themselves and they're on their own then cue the sad Linkin Park song and credits

Anyone else like these changes?! =D

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