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Default Re: Optimus Prime's characterization (Spoilers)

They also took issue with him killing Megatron and Sentinel when neither was a threat.
Megatron had it coming; he destroyed their world, nearly enslaved another, killed Optimus, and murdered many of his friends. His last words were just another bid for power. Sentinel...? If this was the cartoon, then yes, it'd be out of character. Cartoon Prime wouldn't stoop to his enemy's level. But it's not.

Basically this version of Optimus is a much more pragmatic leader, but compared to other iterations, is it that varied?
Movie Optimus is bizarre. One moment, he's Cartoon Optimus, talking about "great compassion." The next, he's a slasher flick killer that takes faces. So yes, he's very different. Only Bay knows why that is.

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