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Default Re: Optimus Prime's characterization (Spoilers)

Originally Posted by MOS View Post
Haven't seen DOTM yet, but Prime(and the other Autobots) were too brutal in the first two movies. I don't remember them having killed even one con in G1(except for Unicron, and when Optimus Prime tries to kill Megatron, but since he failed, it doesn't count). I always saw the Autobots as robotic versions of the Justice League, and Optimus Prime as Superman. Since Superman never kills, I expected Prime not to either.
No one ever dies in the cartoons. But remember, these guys are in a war. Optimus' appeal for diplomacy can only last so long.

Originally Posted by Nathan View Post
Optimus does what needs to be done, but I agree that his dialogue made him seem more brutal than he was. He isn't the kind of guy that says "Kill them all." Or rips someone's face off unnecessarily.

When he says "Megatron has to be stopped, no matter the cost.", to me it implies that Prime is ready to sacrifice himself, in order to protect everyone. But "Kill them all.", that's just too bloodthirsty.

I would have loved if they portrayed him as someone who doesn't like conflict, but can open a can of whoopass on you if he has to.

God damn, I hate anime.

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