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Default Re: OFFICIAL Dark of the Moon REVIEW THREAD - Part 1

Thought this film was marginally better than Fallen but not by much at all!! Didn't like how the Autobots were pretty much getting involved in American affairs. I would have preferred them to act as mediators rather than them being lackeys for the American cause!!

I gotta admit I fell asleep during Sentinel's betrayal of Ironhide and the Autobots. Wish I could see it now. But I ain't wasting money to go and watch this a second time though! I guess I'll just wait for it to be uploaded on YouTube or something.

And once again yes same old with all that unnecessary humour but at least it was toned down a little. I suppose it shows that Orci and Kurtzmann's writing helped make these these films a little more coherent IMHO. DOTM was just all over the place. And what was up with all those cheesy musical numbers? There was at least 3 right????

Agreed that Starscream shouldn't have been killed off like a b*tch! Thought Shockwave was pretty cool and I do agree with the idea of him and other Decepticons coming to Earth from Cybertron rather than them coming out of the Moon, which was uber lame to say the least.

That final battle in Chicago? Thought it dragged and far too much was going on. The building scene was just ridiculous!!!! Seeing them falling down the side of the building oh please!!! Still thought the action sequences were fine but once again things were just a blur! And yes this like Fallen was far too long! How much drivel does Bay want to cram into his films anyway???

That Rosie Huntington-Whitely while a little easier on the eyes than Megan Fox, I felt was nothing more than promoting some of Victoria's Secret's latest fashions. And she became Carly??? I'll say no more on the matter let alone her acting. She'll be forgotten in a year you watch!

As for Shia? Yup you really suck my boy!! I used to think he was the face of the future but I'm truly sick of him now!! Glad I am that the trilogy is over and I do hope a decent reboot will be thought of in the future. Just hope that Michael Bay, Lorenzo DiBonaventura and Don Murphy will not have any involvement!!!

Rating: 4/10

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