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Default Re: News & Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Marvel View Post
So, Kelly Hu has been cast as Yuriko Oyama / Lady Deathstrike?

I'd love that as long as they stay in continuity. How can you not feel bad for her dying under mental control in X2? If she had a history with Logan that he didn't remember, that would make X2 even better and that scene far more tragic.

I don't see why Cecilia Reyes needs to be in the film at all. I hope Fox avoids jamming in cameos just for the sake of cameos. They really should've learned that lesson by now. They think they're doing it for the fans but all it does is piss off 98% of us.
Interesting, I'll be watching that page, but take everything with a grain of salt......

......nothings 100% till the studio, Hugh, etc.... starts releasing news...

wouldn't mind seeing Hu back though...has she aged well?

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