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Default Re: Megatron Throughout The Trilogy

Originally Posted by Liam_H View Post
Agree with everyone's sentiments. Megatron in this movie just seemed like a bum in this movie with that rag on his head. Especially near the end when he's laying on the side of the building, I expected him to bust out a paper bag with a liquor bottle inside.

That speech Carly gives to him to get him riled up was so laughable. He doesn't even know her and he's clearly been shown to hate humans so I fully expected him to just flick her across the street. This was obvious meant for Megan Fox since she was in the last two movies trying to stop him with Sam.

As underused and poorly-developed as he was in the first two, at least in the first one he tossed aside any humans in his way. I found it dumb he didn't even do that to Carly.

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