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Default Re: Transformers Movie

I'd rather see a live-action/CGI movie that fits into, or at least is compatible with, this new "Aligned" continuity Hasbro's been working on which kind of borrows elements from all the different past versions.

Failing that, a set-15-to 20-years-after-DOTM loose-sequel/soft reboot, minus Bay and set on an Earth that's been ravaged by Galvatron (who actually would be a completely different guy than Megatron just as in the IDW books), Scourge, Cyclonus and the Sweeps (Unicron is optional...seriously, I don't care whether he's ever used in live-action or not) and Optimus and a TALKING 'Bee have to come back in to the rescue in totally different designs/alt modes (same colors, though - not necessarily red-flames-on-blue and yellow-with-black-stripes, but the colors are long-standing trademarks of the characters and have to be there) and with a completely new team of Autobots at their back.

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