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Default Re: Sexism, Racism, Jingoism and Homophobia- That's entertainment!

Originally Posted by Vid Electricz View Post
I didn't see a topic of this nature on this board, so I thought I'd start one.

I for one am both fascinated and perplexed by the sort of twisted hate and misogyny that these movies perpetuate. I find it hard to believe that people are actually entertained by this sort of stuff. If there's one thing that these movies do represent, it's the unfortunate future of action films (ie. soulless, emotionless husks filled with veiled hatred that exist solely for marketing purposes), because it's been proven that this kid of stuff sells.

Like the juvenile school-yard bully who calls anyone out as a f*ggot or homo for not agreeing or lining up with his narrow world-view of how men, women and minorities should be viewed, These films similarly mock and degrade unapologetically and if you don't like it- well, you're just a PC, liberal cry-baby. Brainwashing of the masses at it's finest.

Let's look at some of the wonderful ideals these movies promote (I know there are a million more examples. If you've got examples, post 'em):

-Sexism: Specifically, the objectification of women- Women are trophies to be won or lost. They must always appear sexy and seductive (for all the adolescent boys and peter-pan syndrome boy-men watching).

-Racism: If you're not white, you exist as a peripheral character. Most likely comic relief or some other stereotype (the stoic black man). In other words, you're disposable and you're a joke (blatantly racist buck toothed robots not withstanding).

-Jingoism: America is the best and the military is #1. English, dude, English.

-Homophobia: "You gonna go cry to your boyfriend? Pussy!" There's plenty more where that came from. Needless to say, these movies are riddled with the kind of sophomoric, juvenile macho-man, tough guy behavior that only the most ignorant among us (and little kids who don't know any better) buy in to.

But it's all so FUNNY! Right? So if you don't like it, you're just too uptight!


Since these boards seem to be crawling with people who absolutely love these movies, I fully expect the response of:

"Lighten up. Not everything needs to be politically correct and "Disney-fied" Blah, blah blah, pus*syfication of America, blah, blah, blah."

Actually, no. The problem with brainless movies like these is that they endorse and perpetuate negative stereotypes and outright mocking of sexes, races and behaviors that you don't identify with- and of course, the behaviors you are meant to identify with are those of the hero. The promotion of ignorant bliss all disguised as a good fun action romp!)

People should really be insulted by this movie. Well, not by the movie itself, but by the attitudes of the film makers that they can just churn out any tripe and you'll gobble it up greedily.

+10 points for the response:

"Dude, it's just a movie. Chill." or

"It's just an action movie dude, you're supposed to turn off your brain and enjoy it for what it is."

Both awful responses for accepting this hateful garbage as entertainment.

predictable. Anyone got an actual response? I'd love if this could encourage some discussion.
These problems are not exclusive to Bay, but most of the blockbusters or existing franchises. One on hand, the directors are responsible, but the bulk of the responsibility belongs to the automatons who make these films gross hundreds of millions, or in some cases, billions. Cinema is the mirror by which we judge ourselves. Until mainstream audiences wake up and demand more refined films, this is cinematic fast food is going to be force fed until some change is initiated.

So, these social ills are created by committee: the screenwriters who create the myths and bigotry, the studio executives who greenlight the scripts, the director who arranges them, and the cinematographers who create the closeups of genitals or choreograph the erotic postures over cars.

But, on the other hand, audiences have proven to occasionally embrace an extreme: they embraced AVATAR, a film that is very political, along with every other film blockbuster film by Cameron: portray the service men and women are war criminals who deserve to die.

While all of my criticisms have been leveled against the majority of the blockbusters that promote these destructive social reactions, there are some blockbusters that have challenged the paradigm: any of the Star Trek TNG films have shown a future where equality exists; the ALIEN films; Star Wars films; the Lord of the Rings films; and there are many others.

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