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Default Re: Optimus Prime's characterization (Spoilers)

Originally Posted by Optimus_Prime_ View Post
I don't think it's ever implied they survived, although Transformers frequently have the "I'm a robot get out of jail free card" they can pull when they are "killed".
thats kind of what I'm pointing to.

We have seen a few TF's taken apart, blown apart, decapetated and so much more and still live.
After watching the movie a billion times I've always taken these as "implied non-committal deaths". The Autobots outnumber the Decepticons toy line wise, so when Optimus needed to "kill" some Decepticons they simply showed "deaths" and then didn't commit to them for the sake of the toyline...if that makes sense. Considering Hasbro wasn't discontinuing those Decepticons they couldn't be killed in great number, so they showed a few Decepticons getting shot just to balance the battle a bit.
I cant completely agree with you there.

Just about all the Decepticons Prime shot when looking for Megatron were seen running into Astrotrain under their own power.I'm sure Hasbro intended to kill most of those characters.....but the way I see it, its obvious they didnt want their "hero" being the one that killed them.

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