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Default Re: Sexism, Racism, Jingoism and Homophobia- That's entertainment!

There are pros and cons to what Bay says with this franchise. In some ways, he's perfect for Transformers. His heroic, determined leads and use of Americana go well with a robot civil war that's hard for your average moviegoer to grasp. It helps he's one of the best visual artists in the business. But he also pushes for the worst parts of these films. I'm not comfortable saying "it's just fantasy" when real world racism, misogyny, and homophobia is celebrated in (what's supposed to be) a toy promo for kids. That stops being a valid excuse when the director specifically rewrites the robot dialogue to make it more "urban;" it's intentional, and doesn't need to be added to a story about giant robots from the planet Cybertron.

The short of it: I like some parts of this trilogy. But I get why some people outright dismiss these movies.

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