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Default Re: Did Anyone Else...

Originally Posted by Warhammer View Post
...get a little bored with the entire action scene in Chicago?

I'm talking from the moment Sam, Epps, and crew reach Chicago all the way until the ending credits. The whole third act of the movie was the entire action scene. Granted, before these big budget action films get released in the theaters, we often fantasize about actually having long action scenes. However, with this movie, I got a little bored. There was something off about the pacing. Forty minutes of robots beating the crap out of each other sounds cool on paper, but at least in this film, it didn't turn out as I expected.
I love me some action.

Having said that. There were definintely some parts in the finale that dragged. As epic as the scene with the drill thing taking down the building was...everything leading up to that moment was just dragging.

It just seemed like we were following Sam, Epps, etc. FOOOOOOOORRRRREVVVVER. It definitely crossed my mind more than once, "um...where the hell are the Autobots?"

When the Autobots were on screen and taking on the Decepticons, I was hooked. The same when Lennox and his crew entered the fight (them 'flying' into the battle was breathtaking).

But the parts where we were simply following Epps and Sam, etc. as they were trying to hide from the Decepticons.

That part was testing my patience.

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