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Default Re: Sexism, Racism, Jingoism and Homophobia- That's entertainment!

Originally Posted by jonathancrane View Post
These problems are not exclusive to Bay, but most of the blockbusters or existing franchises. One on hand, the directors are responsible, but the bulk of the responsibility belongs to the automatons who make these films gross hundreds of millions, or in some cases, billions. Cinema is the mirror by which we judge ourselves. Until mainstream audiences wake up and demand more refined films, this is cinematic fast food is going to be force fed until some change is initiated.

So, these social ills are created by committee: the screenwriters who create the myths and bigotry, the studio executives who greenlight the scripts, the director who arranges them, and the cinematographers who create the closeups of genitals or choreograph the erotic postures over cars.

But, on the other hand, audiences have proven to occasionally embrace an extreme: they embraced AVATAR, a film that is very political, along with every other film blockbuster film by Cameron: portray the service men and women are war criminals who deserve to die.

While all of my criticisms have been leveled against the majority of the blockbusters that promote these destructive social reactions, there are some blockbusters that have challenged the paradigm: any of the Star Trek TNG films have shown a future where equality exists; the ALIEN films; Star Wars films; the Lord of the Rings films; and there are many others.

Holy smokes! Smart people DO exist on these boards!

I agree with you, these problems are NOT exclusive to Michael Bay and the Transformers franchise, but it is quite shocking and off-putting to see such complete and utter trash packaged and presented in such an enormous, far-reaching blockbuster that seems to market to all age groups (kids, teens and adults-more so the two former ) and worst of all, universally accepted(!)

People SHOULD realize that they are being insulted and scammed with these trashy films, but it's so much easier to take it sitting down I guess. Those movies where you have to pay attention that make you think are SO boring and don't have as many explosions and you can't text message through the whole of course, we ARE becoming a nation of automatons. Look at the literacy rate, look at the obesity rate!

The people are watching this stuff will be laughing along mindlessly never once knowing or questioning what they're seeing. They might not know what they're watching, but their brain sure does. This is the subtle way that people are brainwashed so effectively that lets them retain the thought that they are in control of how they think or act/react about the things I've mentioned, when really, after years of brainwashing and desensitization by the media, they don't bother to really question anything. They know what they know and they're proud of that (ie. It's just an action movie where you turn your brain off).
This goes double for the kids who watch this stuff. Kids are like little sponges that absorb stuff even though they don't know it... and little do they or the parents know that seeds for this way of thinking are planted in their heads.

Harmless? Maybe. Breeding a world of monosyllabic dullards who can't tell you who Ralph Waldo Emerson is, but CAN tell you all about Optimus Prime and the Transformers. Sad.

That last part was a little off point...and it's not to say that I don't love sci-fi and fantasy. I quite do, but of the quality and thoughtful variety (The Nolan Batman films, the first two Spider-Man films, Sunshine, Alien, Wall-e, etc...)

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