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Default Re: Hulk vs Thor

I finally got around to buying this (waiting for a sale) and I was both pleased and a little shocked. Being a Hulk fan, I was glad to see the Green Goliath as he should be. Though I liked both live-action movies a lot, we only got glimpses of what the Savage Hulk can do if his rage builds to a certain point. He certainly didn't hold back in Asgard.

On the flip side, I can understand the disappointment of Thor fans. I've seen quite a few of their tussles in the comics, and they were certainly more even. I felt that while Loki was controlling Hulk, Thor should have been getting the better of the fight. I was expecting Hulk to get into a full,frothing rage that not even Thor could control, but I wasn't expecting a 40+ minute squash. That wasn't true to the source material. Ironically, I think Beta Ray Bill got a better showing against Hulk in Planet Hulk.

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