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Default Re: Confused about Megatron's plan

Originally Posted by Krimasen View Post
Actually, considering that Two-Face's mind was mentally screwed up after the burning, he also could've purposely burned another suit and wore that. However, that's a small detail that has zero bearing on the overall connecting story to Batman Begins. The entire Megatron plan just doesn't fit together well when combined with the first two films and that is what sticks out like a sore thumb.
It didn't show this in the movie. If people can connect the dots in that movie why can't they in this movie?

Megatron's plans were fine, I didn't see any problem with them. People have even clearly outlined them in here but some choose to ignore.

- Megatron makes a side deal with Sentinel during the end of the war on Cybertron. He watches as the ship gets shot down.

- Cybertron dies without energon so Megatron goes out looking for the allspark and crashed on Earth.

- Megatron returns to Cybertron and sees that his former master has returned from hiding because the last prime has fallen. He sends Megatron after the matrix of leadership and the sun killer as a way to revive Cybertron.

- Megatron is defeated again and goes to the desert to hide. He then learns through Laserbeak that Sentinel is on the moon and that he and Shockwave have been working on a plan to bring Cybertron to Earth with the help of Sentinel.

How is that hard to understand?

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