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Default Re: Megan Fox or Rosie Huntington Whitely?

Originally Posted by Cmill216 View Post
It's Megan Fox backlash, pure and simple. Me personally, I don't let perceived off-screen behavior affect my judgement of a performance. Rosie was horrendous, and highlighted everything that was right about Megan Fox's character.
I agree. As I was discussing with a friend after the movie, Carly/Rosie's role came across as a somewhat subtle " **** you" to Megan.

Carly works for a man who comes to work in jeans and a tee and she's dressed in a figure hugging white dress and stilettos. Mind you none of the other women are dressed that way.

And the character's response is "this is what you get when you play along with your boss' wishes", in reference to the car he "gifts" her with. Those weren't her exact words it was more like "What do you want, Sam?! He's my boss."

Ok she's a curator dressed for a night of clubing or the red carpet, this makes sense how exactly? And her excuse that he's her boss is okay?

I think what happened is they gave Mikaela a bit of depth without really meaning to and Megan realized this. The "she's just the hot girl" argument doesn't fly. Yes, when she and Sam have their first moment she's bent over the open hood of his car, in a miniskirt, but she's also checking the engine and she very knowledgeable about cars. Plus she can drive the hell out of car and hotwire one as well. Now I'm a female so I'm sure that's why I was more focused on her engine knowledge than how hot she is, but I think I fell in love with the character right then.

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